DIPTYQUE/Eau Rose eau de toilette travel spray 12ml ✿ Discount Store

DIPTYQUE/Eau Rose eau de toilette travel spray 12ml ✿ Discount Store

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  • Diptyque Eau Rose eau de toilette travel spray

  • Aluminium flacon, pouch filled with 72 numbers and letters

  • Notes: Rose

  • To personalise the travel spray: Unscrew the base by turning it to the left. Slide the boxes in the customization area down and replace them with 9 boxes of your choice and screw the base back on. Always make sure to use all 9 boxes. If the word is less than 9 letters, black boxes are available to fill in the remaining box spaces

  • To fill your travel spray: Always use the same fragrance to fill your Travel Spray to make sure the scents do not mix. Fill the travel spray once the spray is completely empty. If the spray is not empty, be sure to keep the spray away from the eyes when opening. Flip the spray into the diffusion position. Press the "push" button and maintain pressure while turning the upper part of the spray to the right to remove it. Remove the cover and spray tip from the perfume bottle of your choice to refill your spray (50ml, 75ml or 100ml) to gain access to the plastic rod. Place the plastic tip of the travel spray on the top of the plastic rod of the fragrance bottle so that it fits snugly. Apply light pressure to fill it (approximately 100 pumps). Once it is full, a small drop should escape from the travel spray. To close the travel spray, fit the upper top securely onto the body of the spray and turn it to the left

  • 12ml

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